Tuesday, 29 September 2015

TY Trip to Kippure 2015

On 16th September, the current Fourth Years set out on an adventure to Kippure in Co. Wicklow. Here is a synopsis of the events and activities experienced by Transition Year students.

One of the first activities at Kippure was Archery. We had an experienced instructor, Cormack, who taught us the techniques to achieve a perfect bullseye. The bows were long and heavy and they were hard to hit, but after a few attempts it became more enjoyable and achievable. 

Rock climbing was a challenge for most. The walls had few aids and to fully complete the climbing task you had to touch a beam at the very top. It was an exciting activity but became difficult task for those with a fear of heights! Each team controlled the individual team member’s ropes, so essentially, your life was in their hands. Thankfully we all made it back down alive.

Next, we attempted Abseiling. This activity required us to slide down a wall while attached to a rope controlled by individual team members. Our instructor, Kieran, cracked jokes about death that didn't settle us at all but when it came to abseiling down, he made sure it was an enjoyable (but safe) experience.

Have you ever looked up a streetlight and thought; ‘Golly, I’d love to climb that.’Our next task required us to do just that. We had to climb up a tall pole with wedges to pull ourselves up with. Clinging on to each other for dear life we maneuvered ourselves around the tiny platform (at the top of the pole) until we were told to slowly lean back while holding hands and then hop off the platform so we could get down.

Night Orienteering was an exciting part of the trip as we searched for hidden markings throughout the fields and woods. Team 9 won the first night and ‘The Jelly Beans’ won the second night. It was a fun experience where each group bonded and developed their skills in the form of teamwork.

Kayaking was one of the more popular activities on our trip. We kayaked in Poulaphouca Reservoir. Mr. Brennan and Mr. Cox joined us and provided a lot of fun by capsizing our kayaks and splashing us in the water. We were in groups of two and we had to kayak around the Reservoir with the aid of some instructors.

After that we attempted the high beams. Most flew across the high balance beam like expert gymnasts! A select few, staggered across instead! Once we had finished with the beam it was off to the Jacob’s ladder. Some students practically flew up to the top, while others hung onto the second log like a sloth! The high ropes were hilarious and great fun

On our last night the teachers gave us a list of props and words to make a “skit” with our house. Each house was extremely entertaining and in the end house 2 won, receiving a €20 prize to share among the group. Dagmara Dobkowska won best actress and also received her own prize of €5. To top off the night, Ms. Ferris accompanied by some students, played their guitars and we sang along. It is fair to say that each task helped us to grow closer as a Year Group!

On behalf of Transition Year, we would like to sincerely thank our dedicated teachers (Ms. Ferris, Ms. Magliocco, Ms. O’Reilly, Mr. Brennan, Ms. Hunt and Mr. Cox) who planned and supervised this unforgettable trip.

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