Wednesday, 25 April 2018

RSA workshop

On Monday the 9th of April Ms Monk’s Module class hosted a Road Safety Day. We were lucky enough to host the Road safety shuttle and turn over cage to come to our school for all fourth years to try. In the shuttle there were many different simulations that replicated real life driving situations, for example driving in the rain, driving at night, driving a motorcycle. Also there were mock theory tests, dance games and many other fun activities. The most exciting part of the entire day, in my opinion, was the roll over cage. The roll over cage consisted of a car which had no wheels or engine that was attached to a machine that turned it 360 degrees. We were strapped in with ordinary seatbelt and also waist belts to that we weren’t injured. This was a very valuable experience as it gave us a small taste of what it would be like to be in a real accident. Along with that, the RSA asistants told us the correct procedure for getting out of a crashed car, what to do when your seat belt is stuck and many more valuable lessons.

All in all it was a really fun day that was so enlightening and valuable, we hope to never experience a road accident but we are so glad that we have these tips to help us out.

Friday, 13 April 2018


On Wednesday the 21st of march, the six Jigsaw peer Educators from Loreto Balbriggan were invited to the 'Read Your Mind' book launch in Blanchardstown Library.The purpose of the launch was to promote a collective initiative between Fingal libraries and Jigsaw.They provided a catalogue of books in the sectors of mental health and well being in young people.

Our school was honoured to witness this book launch along with other schools in the Fingal County area along with our neighbouring Loreto Swords and Skerries Community College.It enabled the peer educators to understand the vitality of encouraging young people to maintain good mental well being.

Towards the end of the book launch a selection of lovely pastries ,tea and biscuits were provided and served to all the attendees of the launch.


Tidy Towns

On Thursday 15th March, a group of about 25 TY students set out to help with Tidy Towns Balbriggan. This event was organised by Ms Gaughan and the Tidy Towns committee, which was set up earlier in the year. We left after break, to meet a Tidy a Towns member who would show us what to do. Half of the group went litter picking around Balbriggan, whilst the other half went to the train station, to shovel up areas for flowers to be planted. In the train station, we used shovels and rakes to loosen up the soil. We also removed litter and large rocks and weeds from the area. The other Tidy Towns members will soon return to the train station to plant flowers there, in order to brighten up the station. It was tiring work, but it was worth it when we saw what a difference we had made. After returning to the school for a well needed lunch, the two groups joined together and we went litter picking for the rest of the afternoon. We walked to the car park opposite the church and began work. Everyone was shocked to see how much litter was there, but by the time we had left, the place looked much cleaner. Going back through the village, we picked litter as we walked. I loved having the ability to make a difference, however small it was, and I can’t wait to help out again.