Sunday, 24 May 2015

TY Blog Final Farewell

Without a doubt transition year 2014/15 has been a wonderful year for all involved. Every student has achieved more than they ever could have imagined. Everyone has their own individual successes and highlights. We as a blog team have thoroughly enjoyed documenting and displaying the years greatest moments. It is something that we will always cherish and have to look back on. This blog is our year group's very own online memoir and it is something we feel immensely proud of. We hope to have instilled a sense of pride and achievement for up coming fourth years.  

We would like to sincerely thank Ms.White for her never ending support, dedication and guidance from start ton finish. It simply would not have been a success without Ms.White. 

Transition Year has really been a year where goals and dreams came true,

Thank you

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Gaisce Hike 2015

On Friday the 1st of May, fifty fourth year students travelled to Carlingford to complete their Gaisce Bronze Award with their 25K hike. Since September, we have been completing our 'challenges' such as physical recreation, community involvement and personal skill. Our 'adventure journey' completed our 26 weeks of Gaisce.

Everyone signed up for different jobs during the trip. A couple of girls were sent off to buy food for dinner and lunch in Supervalu and they then piled everything into Ms. McCaul's car. Another few girls volunteered to cook dinner that evening and another few to clean up afterwards, while others packed lunches for our hike the next day.

When we checked into the adventure centre in Carlingford we were all assigned our rooms. We then set off for the first half of our hike. We completed 10K that evening and then returned to the centre for our dinner of pasta, garlic bread, ice cream and cake for dessert.

We all woke early the next morning to hear rain pelting down outside. We had our breakfast and left with our packed lunches, and well needed rain jackets. We walked higher and higher up the mountain, for it only to get wetter and windier. It seemed like we were never going get off that mountain! Everyone was wet, cold and miserable. The rain never stopped, however nearly three hours and 15K later we were greeted by the bus driver and the nice, WARM bus. We had never been so happy for warm clothes in our lives. However, thankfully we completed our Gaisce Award :)

Thanks to all of the teachers who endured the hike with us. Other than the three hours of hiking up the mountain in wet and miserable conditions, we all had a great time.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

"Doodle 4 Google"

I interviewed Paulina Vilamaite. We talked to her about her huge success in the Doodle 4 Google competition. 

Power of One

A group of transition year students , for their power of one module  activated a campaign for the 'One Good Idea' Competition. They  feel, that by introducing art into environmental studies, much can be gained with regards to teenagers' understanding of this important topic. Their project had been entered in the Junior Spider's award and they won Best Transition Year Project. The following video explains their experience and the future for the campaign.