Tuesday, 29 September 2015

TY Photography Workshop 2015

On the 28th and 29th September, some of the Fourth Years took part in a two day 'Photography Workshop' with Tim Durham. It was a fun filled experience that gave us an insight into the world of photography. 

Over the course of two days we learnt about the art of photography. On both mornings we studied Tim Durham's photos, analysing and evaluating the features of his photographs. It was a difficult but interesting challenge that made us look at photography in a different light.

Tim Durham supplied us with cameras to go out into the Balbriggan area and take our own photos. He set us some specific tasks to do while we were out, such as, taking photos with a particular focus on perspective and colour. We all had the same conditions to work in such as the location, time and camera quality. We had lots of photographs to critique when we arrived back into school. We shared our thoughts and opinions as we looked through each other’s photographs.

Indeed it is safe to say they were all of a very high standard and extremely thought provoking. We learnt how to draw inspiration from our surroundings and change everyday objects, landscapes and buildings into something more intriguing.

Many thanks to Tim Durham for providing the workshops in the school for the past four weeks, they were great fun for all who participated.

You can visit Tim Durham's website here: www.envisionphoto.ie




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