Sunday, 27 September 2015

Welcome Back

Firstly, the Transition Year Blog team would like to welcome everyone back for yet another school year full of potential and opportunities to learn and grow together.

In order to capture the whole experience of this great year, our team along with the remarkable help of Ms. White will be resuming the Transition Year blog on the website of Loreto Balbriggan. We will write about the exciting events that go on in our school, post pictures, discuss about the Transition Year experience, and most importantly, we will make it a place where all TY students create memories together.

The TY Blog is for the Transition Years in particular, however all students, parents and even staff can visit it and admire the fun we are having. It is a great benefit to have our own virtual memory scrapbook, at which we can look back and remember the greatest moments of Transition Year.
The TY Blog is also here to update you on what goes on in our year group and this time round we are adding a new feature to the blog. We will upload copies of the forms for the Transition Year activities. We understand the constant TY struggle of “there are no more sheets at the TY noticeboard”.

All in all, we wish to help you this year. Therefore we invite you to check out the blog regularly by going onto the website of Loreto Balbriggan, clicking on the ‘Student Area’ option on the left hand side of the webpage and then clicking ‘Transition Year’.  So the next time you are in a free WIFI zone, you could pop in and add the webpage to your ‘Favourites’, because you will surely enjoy it.

It is a fun space dedicated to our experiences, and we hope that you join us on this journey this year. Good luck to you all in the year ahead of you and may all of our Transition year wishes come true…
See you on the blog guys!

Maria Louise Fufezan

On behalf of the TY Blog team

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