Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Our Visit to the EU Contest for Young Scientists

On Monday, the 17thof September, a group of very lucky students from 1stto 4thyear stood in the school courtyard, shivering with the cold, waiting to go to the EU Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS). 

Ireland was very lucky this year to host this prestigious competition, and we were excited for it as well, despite the bitter cold as we stood waiting outside. Finally, warm coaches arrived to take us to the RDS, where the exhibition was being held. Our excitement began to build throughout the journey.

The exhibition was better than we had hoped! We met some past – pupils on arrival, such as Diana Bura, Khadija Gull and Renuka Chintapalli. We strolled around the exhibitions all morning, marvelling at each project, and yearning to some day reach this impossibly high standard. We learned how these students were innovating and changing the lives of many. 

Among my countless favourites, a project I particularly liked was carried out by a school in South Korea. These students learned how to diagnose Parkinson’s disease by examining the sound waves of person’s voice. It struck me how students so young could make such a huge difference to the world. We also met last year’s BT Young Scientist overall winner, Simon Meehan, who explained his project to us. Even though it was tough to decode the scary scientific words the contestants used, we had fun anyway. 

We were also very lucky to visit a science talk, which explained and demonstrated the science behind the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise. This fun, interactive show was enjoyable for everyone. 

It was sad when we had to leave the exhibition, but we all hoped that we wouldn’t be visiting the exhibition next time, we hoped we would be competing in it.
- Iman Khan

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