Friday, 13 March 2015

TY Musical Update

 Opening Night 

Some members of the costume department busy creating and altering the costumes.

The set crew working hard to create and design the sets.

Members of the props team working hard to get the props ready for the show!

'Cosmo' and members of the chorus taking part in intensive rehearsals.

Causey Farm Trip

On Friday, the 27th of February the Transition Year students went to Causey Farm in county Meath. The day was filled with activities such as milking cows, baking brown bread, catching chickens, Irish dancing, and last but certainly not least, jumping in the infamous bog!

We departed the school gates on buses filled with excited students looking forward to the great day ahead. When we arrived we were split into different groups; some baked fresh brown bread in the kitchen, while others played traditional Irish instruments. We got the rare opportunity to hold new born lambs and it was a very sweet moment.

It's safe to say that the bog was the icing on top of the cake. Although we were hesitant to dive into the muck at first, we soon let loose and jumped into the freezing mud! While some parts were shallow, other students braved the deep depths and catapulted into the bottomless end.

Overall, it was really successful trip and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a great bonding experience for the whole year! 

Forensics Workshop

Last Tuesday, the TY students who had the forensics module participated in a forensics workshop with 'Discover Science'. A forensic scientist came in to demonstrate to us the tasks and work that is undertaken by forensic teams. We took part in a workshop where we got to experience their job; we learned how to take and test fingerprints, test for different substances, decipher codes and distinguish between blood types. It was a hands-on experience and we got a great insight into this interesting line of work. Everyone learned a lot of new things about forensics and it was a great chance to learn in an interactive way. We really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend taking part!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Transition Year Work Experience

Laura Cody

I was working in a solicitors office for my second week of work experience. The firm I was working in was called Sandra McAleer Solicitors, which is located on Ushers Quay. The Four Courts, the Criminal Courts of Justice, the Distillery Building and Dolphin House (District Court) are all within walking distance of the office.

For the first two days I was given jobs to help me understand how an office works. This firm dealt mainly with family law, so I was dealing with people who were go through a divorce or single parents looking for custody of their children. I was asked to bind together briefs for the solicitors to take into court with them,  answer a few phone calls and to take trips to the post office whenever needed! The secretary talked me through everything she was doing and explained to me how the court system works. The most challenging task I was assigned was having to take care of the entire office for a day. The secretary was out sick and my employer couldn't get anyone on short notice. She asked if I could step in! I had to answer all the phone calls, deal with clients and run from the office to the courts delivering briefs! At the beginning of the day I was nervous about having to answer so many phone calls but I got the hang of it by the end of the day.
On Wednesday, I got to sit in on a divorce settlement meeting in the District Court. The solicitor of the office I was working in was representing a Garda Sargent, alongside a barrister. I got an insight into how these meetings work and just how many things need to be sorted out when filing for divorce such as money, children, mortgages and pensions. Another thing I really enjoyed was being able to sit in on murder trial in the Criminal Court of Justice. I saw witness statements being given to the judge and the accused being interrogated on the stand. The courtroom was so tense! I was also given a tour of the Four Courts and shown the Law Library, which is where the barristers do all of their work.

Everyone in the office was so welcoming and friendly and my employer even offered me a summer job! It was a really enjoyable week and I learned so much. It was by far my favourite of the three weeks. 

Addie Sanni 4H

My TY work experience lasted for three weeks, starting from the 26th of January - 13th of February.

I would say my favourite week was Week two at St. George's National Primary School. I got to work with 1st class. It was a wonderful experience and a life lesson too. It really opened my eyes to see what teachers go through everyday. This experience improved my attitude in school.

The children were very well behaved. I got to do some reading with the children and I even taught one of the boys English! I corrected some of their maths books and some of the Irish books also.

Although I enjoyed the Primary School, in my opinion, I still wouldn't take on teaching as a profession.

Overall I had a fantastic time at the school. I really enjoyed taking charge and developing my skills as a leader.

Kelly Murphy

My first week of work experience was by far my favourite. I went to FM104, which is located across from the 3 Arena in the Docklands in Dublin city. I had been looking forward to this particular week in the radio station for ages and it's safe to say I wasn't disappointed. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed by smiling faces and there was a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere in the office which was great. This surprised me as it was the opposite to what I would expect an office to be like. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and you could tell that they all had a real passion for their job.

Myself and the other TY student researched and wrote 'showbiz' articles and recorded them in the studio with Killian O'Sullivan, one of the presenters. This was so much fun as I've always had an interest in journalism and writing. It was nice to put a face to the voices I hear on the radio every day too. We also designed and wrote an ad for a client and recorded it in the studio with the production team. They showed us how they make ads and it was so interesting to get to see what goes on beside the scenes and meet the brains behind the radio station.

Mel, the technical engineer, showed us how she produces a live show and how the controls work. I really enjoyed this and it made me realize that I would be interested in doing this as a job. She suggested how I would go about getting a job in radio and what to study in college. This was so helpful as I'm very indecisive and this gave me an idea of what I would like to do after school.

The best part of the whole week was getting to go out on the VW Beetle Bugs with the 'TGIF' team and deliver free food/drink to businesses. They were so friendly and made me feel part of the team. It was really enjoyable and would be an ideal part-time job during college.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my week here. I learned about FM104, not only as a radio station, but as a business, and my time here helped my understanding of this. I was interested in pursuing a career in radio/media before my week in the radio station but the great experience I received cemented my interest in this area of work! I didn't want the week to end and I would definitely recommend all future TY's to take part in work experience here!

 Lubna Arzal
I had three weeks of work experience at IBM, Touchstone Medical Centre
and Balbriggan Library. They were all fantastic and such a great
experience. But my favourite week of all was definately the second
week at Touchstone.

I was overwhelmed with the friendly welcome from the staff and my
employer was so nice. I first went to work in reception of Dentistry.
I greeted patients, took calls, checked them in using the computer
software and brought them into the Dentists' room. I got to work in
the pharmacy downstairs, working at the till and helping in storage. I
also got to observe the dentists and doctors. I sat in the room with
them and observed their work which was a great experience. I even got
to do practical work with the dentists by using the suction tool on
real patients. I felt like a real dentist.

Even all the monotonous work I had to do was fun! I helped with the cash
counting at the end of the day and helped with paperwork. I also
helped with shredding and photocopying. Having lunch with the staff
and dentists was great because I got loads of advice for choosing my
future career and how they got to where they were. Having spar downstairs was
also a great plus!

All in all, My favourite activities were taking calls and being inside
the room with the professionals. Being able to experience live
appointments from the doctor/dentists perspective was really useful. I
had an amazing week and would love to go back.