Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Market Day is Coming – Share in Our Success

For the last few weeks budding entrepreneuring TY students across all seven form classes have been facing a mammoth challenge. It takes vigour, determination and intelligence and the weak will be divided from the strong! No, it's not the Loreto Hunger Games - it's Fingal County Business Enterprise! 
Now that the challenge has been firmly laid down and as deadlines draw delicately closer, we (TY Class of 2018-2019) are building our own business empire one step at a time. Here are three ‘insider trading’ tips on how to build TY business success: 

Recruit by drawing pigs
·       Personalities clash, heads roll, and greed quickly becomes individual. Not everyone can be the big boss so delegating responsibility to a wider team who knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses is vitally important in getting ahead of the competition. Yes, some of us students have team members located in different form classes, but overcoming challenges is what TY 21stcentury business success is all about! Now anyone for a game of drawing pigs?!
·         Drawing pigs: we know, we know! This sounds weird but it really helps when choosing team members. Try it! First of all get a sheet of paper and just draw a pig. It's that simple. Now follow the guide below to figure out what your swine has to say about you:

If the pig is drawn towards the top of the page, you are optimistic and positive; towards the middle of the page, you are realistic; towards the bottom of the page you might be pessimistic and prone to behaving negatively; 

If your pig is facing left, you are traditional, friendly, good at remembering important dates; if facing right, you are innovative, active, don't have a strong sense of family; if facing the front, you might enjoy arguing with others and creating drama with few details, you are emotional, naïve, a risk taker, look at the larger picture; with plenty of detail, you are cautious, analytical and don't trust others easily;  

If your pig has 4 legs, you are secure and stubborn; with less than 4 legs, you are insecure or going through a major change in life; The bigger the ears on your pig the better listener you are; the longer the tail the more fun you have

*DISCLAIMER* whatever your result is don't take it to heart. This could all be hogswash!

·         Four legged piglet or not, without a product or service or concept, you have no business. Timelines, SWOT analysis, opportunity costs: the stress for us TY students is real. Brainstorming is the creative way for us to problem solve and get everyone’s best ideas together. 

Event Manage
·         Businesses be aware – if you build it they will come. This year, the bargain that beats Black Friday takes place on Friday, 14th December in Loreto Balbriggan. ‘Christmas Market Day’ is the shop-till-you-drop opportunity forstudents and staff alike to be treated to bargains from stalls, stalls everywhere. During both lunchtimes budding entreprenurial TY and 2ndyear Loreto girls will meet and greet you in an atmosphere where Wall Street meets Walmart (that’s Pennys to me or you, hun). Buyers beware, these smiling sales students want your coins so be armed with lots and lots of cash! With plenty of meetings, market research and business classes still ahead, ‘Christmas Market Day’ promises to be a day of success that everyone can share in. 

Fingal County Business Enterprise Awards - here we come!

-Tami Adeleke

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