Sunday, 11 March 2018

TY Breast Cancer Awareness Talk

Awareness helps to save lives...Breast Cancer Ireland are keen to promote education and awareness amongst women of all ages.

It's a myth to think that Breast Cancer only happens to women over a certain age!  Breast Cancer can happen to women young and old. Thanks to the speaker who came in to talk all about breast cancer and its early stages. We are now fully aware of all the symptoms. 

The speaker introduced herself and her equipments. She went through the presentation she had prepared. The presentation included a lot of useful information. We found out that breast cancer affects 1 in 9 women. She read out the instruction on how to get the breast cancer app and how it works.  We got to touch the mannequin which was helpful as you get a sense of feeling of what exactly you are looking for and what is normal around the area. 

I found the talk very beneficial because I now know how to check for breast cancer symptoms. I discovered a new app which I intend to use regularly.  I know 8 warnings to look out for and how to do the breast examination and how often should one do it.

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