Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Greeting fellow students of Transition Year! With the Junior Cert results just behind us, and the prospect of a great year ahead, we would like to welcome you to the TY Blog. This blog will act as a nostalgic safe haven, full of memories for you to reminisce on throughout the year.

We hope to keep you informed on activities and events coming up, as we are of course aware of the long and busy days to be had in TY. We will also provide posts about previous activities and events that have occurred, giving you the chance to look back on some fun memories had.

We hope you find the blog of benefit to you and we all look forward to the exciting year ahead!
From your TY Blog members,

Ida, Amy, Stephanie, Dami, Caitlin, Magda, Zsofia, Malha, Saorlaith, Francesca, Laura, Rebekah, Rachel, Ailbhe, Emily, Orlagh, Rachael and Grace. 

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