Thursday, 28 September 2017

TY Expo 2017

On the 11th of September 2017, Mr Cox's first module class went to Punchestown Racecourse Event Centre for the TY Expo. As a student who attended this, it helped me discover everything that's on offer during the upcoming year. It's helped me connect with the right people and inspire me for the future ahead. My friend and I came back happily on the bus with minds bursting full of project ideas to be shared. It was a great way to show transition year students what is available to us first-hand and also enable us to find out about it ourselves.

The event was helpful and beneficial to both teachers and students. It was the perfect way to begin the school year on a high. We were able to visit multiple stalls that taught us about different activities we would be able to participate in the year ahead. We were able to absorb the magic and energy emanated by TY. For me, this day out was a highlight to the start of my year and it really did let me explore my creative side as a student. I would definitely recommend it to next year’s transition year students. I think the most enjoyable part overall for everyone was the bus ride to and from. A massive thank you to Mr Cox and Ms. Clerkin for organising this for us. 

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