Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mock Trial 2017

This years TY Mock Trial team had a brilliant day in the Criminal Courts on Saturday the 8th of April. The team had a very unlucky defeat but performed very well in all three of cases.

There were many different roles involved with our team. There were barristers, solicitors, witnesses, photographers, sketch artists and the research team.The barristers had to present the case in court and either defend or prosecute the accused. They had to prepare questions for witnesses and write opening and closing statements. The solicitors had to advise the barristers on objections and help their witnesses to prepare.The witnesses had to learn of their statements and practise being questioned.  

This year the team had to prepare three cases; The defence and prosecution of Francis Cara and the prosecution of Jackie O' Faolain. The team worked extremely hard in and outside school. The week prior to the competition the girls came in at 8am and stayed til 11pm for the musical, as many girls also had vital jobs for the musical (chorus, costume, props etc.)

When the day had finally come, all girls put their tiredness aside and performed extremely well. Unfortunately, we lost our final case but winning and losing aside all girls worked really well together and should be very proud.It was a brilliant experience.

-Hazel Lattimore.

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