Monday, 28 November 2016

TY Forensics Workshop

When the fourth years heard the words “Forensics Workshop”, I don't think any of us were exactly leaping with excitement. We all expected a day-long science lesson. In truth,  most of us only wanted to know how many classes we would miss because of it. We were, without doubt, mistaken. Not one of us knew that Scientific Sue would turn our school into an episode of  ‘CSI’ and let us decode secret messages, test blood samples, take part in a powder analysis experiment and take our fingerprints.

From the moment we walked into the hall and put on our high-fashion plastic aprons, we were itching to get started. We got into teams of four with our friends and got to work as soon as we knew where to start. There was so much fancy equipment laid out for us- I think it's safe to say we all felt extremely professional. We got to use magnifying glasses, special fingerprinting brushes (how often do you get to dust for fingerprints with squirrel hair?!) and a huge array of different chemicals and blood samples.

Once we had cracked the codes, found whose blood matched the blood at the crime scene, identified the unknown powder and compared our fingerprints, we thought the fun had finished. Once again; we were wrong. Not only did Scientific Sue demonstrate different indicators changing colour and a few chemical reactions- she also scared the life out of every audience member by setting a balloon ablaze in the middle of the school hall.

At the end of the day, after we had cleared up the hall, we were all devastated to see Scientific Sue depart.

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