Monday, 28 November 2016

Photography Workshop

Over the past few weeks, some of the fourth years took part in a two-day photography workshop with Tim Durham. He shared his tips and tricks for taking photographs, we learned amazing skills and saw a real insight into the world of photography.
On the first morning we learnt how to view pictures differently and what makes a picture. After some quizzes of what the pictures were of, we talked about taking photos and he gave us a quote “The camera looks both ways” which tells us that a photo that one takes tells us as much about the photo itself as it does the person taking it.
We then walked around Balbriggan in groups taking photographs, which taught us that the place that the photo is taken in doesn’t make the photo amazing but the subject of the photo. During our time taking photos in balbriggan we had some specific tasks to carry out such as 10 Black and White pictures, 5 Reflections some perspective and colour as well.

We spent Tuesday then looking at more photographs and then examining our own what we all liked and what we could have done to make it better. The photos we ended up taking were of amazing quality and looked great. Needless to say we all extremely enjoyed the two days with Tim and we thank him for coming to our school for the past few weeks, as it was all really worth it.

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