Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Photography Course 29-30 September

This week the first group of twelve students took part in a Photography Course with Tim Durham. Firstly, we learned photography techniques and how to use a digital camera to the best of our ability. In groups of two or three, we were let loose around Balbriggan to take photos using our new skills. On Tuesday, Tim showcased his photography in an amazing slideshow, telling us about his travels to beautiful parts of the world that inspired him to take up photography as a profession. Our best shots were chosen and our work from Monday was displayed for the group. It was rewarding to see our own pictures on a big screen and get everyone's feedback! Overall everyone thoroughly enjoyed this course and we gained useful skills and insight that we will apply from now on when taking photos! It was a worth-while experience and we would recommend future fourth year students to give it a go.

Kelly Murphy and Laura Cody





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