Saturday, 4 October 2014

Musical: "Singing in the Rain"

Video Diary: TY Musical Auditions

Before the first audition:

After the first audition:

 Third audition:

Set Design

Hi! I'm a part of the set design team for our school musical 'Singing in the Rain'. Being part of the set design team means we design sets and scenery that aim to fully immerse the viewer in the production.
Being part of the set design team, you're in charge of setting the scene and atmosphere of the play.
The set design team works with the director and other designers to establish an overall visual concept for theproduction and design the stage environment.

So far we have watched a production of 'Singing in the Rain' that was produced by a Community School in Illinois, United States of America via YouTube.
Here's a link;

Watching this video helped to brainstorm and get ideas for how to set up our stage for the production. Stay tuned for updates on my set design experience.

Moyin Ade 

Production Team

Hi, I'm a part of the TY production team in our school. I decided to put myself forward for the PR team because I enjoy working in a group and have a passion and enthusiasm for media and advertising. I have to organise the tickets and create a brochure for the TY musical. My job in the PR committee is to record all of the sponsorship money we receive. In order to raise money for the TY play we asked shops and companies in Balbriggan if they wanted to place an advertisement in our TY brochure. In addition, we have organised spot prizes to raffle during the TY play. 

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