Thursday, 22 March 2018

Jigsaw Peer Education Programme

A graduation ceremony was held in Skerries Community College for the six students who got selected for training as Jigsaw Peer Educators. After attending several enjoyable sessions over the last few months,a graduation was organised to mark the end of their achievement. Six girls from Loreto Secondary School and a few other students from other schools including students from Skerries Community College were handed certificates for their accomplishment.  After listening to the instrumental show and a few speeches made by students and teachers, we had our pictures taken by parents/ guardians who also attended. We nibbled on the finger foods that were laid out for us and chatted along to our friends and family. 

Thank you to Ms.Costigan for organising the programme. We look forward to delivering the presentation based on raising awareness of mental health to our peers over the coming weeks.

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