Monday, 11 December 2017

TY Biology Talk - "The Genetics Revolution"

On Tuesday the 14th of November, Ms Gillen's lucky Biology students took a trip to Dublin Institute of Technology to attend a science talk called "The Genetics Revolution". This anticipated lecture was to be of stimulating content to the class as we had spent the previous number of weeks studying the cell and efficiently, genetics and DNA etc.
We arrived to the college at approximately 10:15 that morning, with a comfortable 15 minutes to spare before the talk began. We arrived into the hall to be presented with a large number of other schools, also there to attend the talk.
The talk began and we were immediately immersed in engagement with the speaker and voluntary audience contribution. The speaker made sure everyone felt involved and even called some members of the audience up to help him with experiments.
The lecture mainly focused on the biological areas of genetics, DNA, blood types and subtopics such as chromosomes and cells etc. It was very interesting to learn about ways to collect cell samples and also how to preform experiments on them.
The talk was overall incredibly interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge on the subject

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