Tuesday, 1 May 2018

TY Colour Run

On Thursday, 19th of April, Transition Year students were invited to participate in a 5K Run from the school gate to the AIB bank. This walk was going towards a charity named  ' Remember Us'

We had classes as normal in the morning, had break then we headed down to the all - weather pitch and the PE teachers told us to stretch in order to avoid tension while jogging/running. The first group that ran were those who were more likely to run constantly throughout the run and the rest of us ran at a normal pace. We ran past SuperValu, to St. Peter's and Paul's and towards Millfield Shopping Center where we completed 1K. We kept running towards St. George's Nation School and towards the M1. Then from there we completed 2K. We ran down towards Arro and down the path making our way towards the AIB bank. 500ml bottles of water provided there where we completed 5K. Then we walked at a normal pace towards the school where we were served refreshments, took photos and enjoyed our time listening to music. We were awarded a double lunch for our great participation skills.

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