Monday, 11 December 2017

TY Trip - Butlers Chocolate Factory

All TY Home Ec students were offered an opportunity to go to the Butlers Chocolate Factory to have a tour of the factory and to see what happens in the factory. We left the school in the morning and arrived an hour later in Coolock. First of all, we had to make sure health and safety measures were put in place. We had to wear fishnets and white coats to protect our hair and clothes. After that, a speaker, Laura, spoke to us about how chocolate is made in the factory.

As we were walking around listening to her, we got ready made toffee chocolates. There was different departments and every person in the factory had a role to fulfil. Some people had to decorate the chocolate and others had to package the chocolate. We saw different types of machines that make the work more efficient. We learnt about the origin of chocolate by walking through the timeline hallway. A short film was presented to us about the origin of chocolate and the Butlers Chocolate Factory. From the short film we learnt many new facts. For example, modern chocolate comes from West Africa. The founder of Chez Nous was Marion Butler. James Sorenson bought the company and renamed it Butlers Chocolate. Also, the company was renewed in 1984.

At the end of the tour we got to make our own personalised chocolate elephants. First of all we had to watch a demonstration and then we had to try make it ourselves. Everyone had their own brush to decorate the chocolate with white chocolate and a plastic bag and ribbon to package the chocolate. After that, the tour unfortunately came to an end. But fortunately we got to go to the Butlers Chocolate Cafe and we stayed there and waited for our bus to come and pick us up. We took a group photo before the bus came. When the bus came, we headed back to school. Overall, It was a successful outing and I think everyone gained more understanding about their favourite snack! It was a very enjoyable experience that will long in our memories.

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