Monday, 11 December 2017

Public Access to Law

On Tuesday the 28th of November a group of 30 Transition Years had the chance to go to a Public Access to Law course in the school. The course took place all day in a classroom. In the morning we watched a CSI video which talked about two famous murder cases. The cases were easy enough to deduce just by watching, but they showed that forensic evidence plays an important role in court cases. The second case we saw was especially easy, I saw a good few people mumble "it was him" the second the actor who was later revealed as the killer came onto the screen. Nevertheless, the videos were informative and educational.

Afterwards we went through the main newspaper headings concerning law for the day, which showed us that law is always a topical subject. My personal favourite headline which was about a genuine case: "Man jailed for stealing from church boxes using sellotape-on-a-stick." In the afternoon we did three separate mock trials where we had the chance to be barristers, witnesses, and defendants. I chose to be a barrister for the prosecution for a case about an angry man 'disturbing the peace' on an aeroplane. My side won the case as he was found guilty, although I later felt bad because I certainly had a reasonable doubt about whether he was actually guilty or not.

I really enjoyed the course, even though Ms. Clerkin came in at the end and informed us that we had a test on everything we learned that day. We've been assured that the test is very easy. We didn't get a chance to discuss Twelve Angry Men, the film we had to watch and answer questions on prior to the course, but we did get to discuss important aspects of being a barrister. Overall I found the course extremely beneficial and it has guided me to consider pursuing a career in law in the future. 

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