Monday, 6 November 2017

Cheerios ChildLine Breakfast Morning

At 8:30am on the morning of Wednesday 25th October, I came into school eager to help with the Cheerios Childline Breakfast Morning. I went into Ms. Ryans kitchen and my jaw dropped when I saw the room filled with food. From cereal to brioche buns to strawberries. I asked the teachers who were unpacking fruit if they needed any help. They asked me to put up posters and bunting around the hall to get people aware. I started sticking them up when a few more girls from the fundraising committee came over to help me.

When we finished our task we went back into the kitchen and began putting all the fruit onto trays. At 09:15 all the food was out in the hall, we sat waiting for the hungry first years to rampage the hall. At 09:20 the first years began flooding into the hall. They all took their seats and got their bowls and spoons ready. The teachers then explained that all the food that was sitting before their eyes was given to them for free by all the shops that sponsor Cheerios Childline. The fourth year helpers began to distribute the boxes of cereal and milk.

After they finished the cereal we then proceeded to give out a few extras such as fruit, yoghurts and brioche buns. We then went around and collected donations for Childline. The first years finished up their food and the fourth years began to tidy up. We collected all the rubbish and let the first years wash their bowls in the kitchen. After all was cleaned up the first years left the hall. We set up the hall back the way it was and then we began counting the donations, a few minutes later we found out we had raised €352.49. We were all so proud of ourselves and of all the money we had raised for Childine. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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