Monday, 9 October 2017

TY Tag Rugby Blitz

It felt like winter had just begun on Friday the 6th of October, especially for the 24 girls heading out to Terenure for the highly anticipated Tag Rugby Blitz. The cold air and cloudy sky worried everyone as they packed their shorts and short sleeve t-shirts that morning. However the freezing weather was to dampen nobody’s spirits as we piled onto the bus, leaving the school by 10am.

Upon reaching St. Mary's College, the team crowded into the changing rooms to get ready before beginning the chain of matches organised for the day. The immediate excursion tasks posed to the group allowed us no time to feel the cold, and by the end of a quick training session, everyone was sweating.

The group of us were divided into two teams, red and blue. Both got started on the first match of the day, everyone playing with impressive skill and competitive tactics. For a group of people who have hardly played Tag Rugby before, the precision and game delivered was greatly admired by the coaches and opposition teams.

The teams were of course faced with some difficult tasks to overcome but they did successfully and yet again impressed onlookers. With the combined speed, accuracy and skill of each team member both of our groups managed to bag a few wins.

After the two final matches drew to a close, lunch was eaten with some complementary Maltesers provided by Mr Brennan for our team spirit and hard work on the field.
We were back on the road and arriving at the school just in time for our last two classes.

A great day was had and a new love for tag rugby was established as many of the girls proclaimed they'd love to keep it up. 

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