Monday, 9 January 2017

Christmas Cake Workshop 2016

We are in the run up to Christmas, with only less than 2 weeks to go, TY Home Economics students jumped at the chance to take part in a Christmas cake workshop. Ms.Ryan informed us that there were spaces left and it was now open to non Home - Economics students, I  jumped at the chance to attend. Thye next day I came in with my money to secure a place in the workshop. We went to kitchen two to make a chocolate biscuit cake, the smell of chocolate was heavenly. We put it in a pudding bowl so it would look vaguely like an igloo which was the goal of this cake. The following Monday all the students taking part showed up to kitchen two again, buzzing with excitement to ice the cakes. We were handed a bag with three different colours of icing and our cakes. Then we set off icing our cakes. The goal was to ice them to look like igloos with at least three penguins. Every student was in the Christmas spirit singing Christmas songs, while the teachers were impressed with what the finished cakes look liked. After the cakes were well documented, we cleaned the kitchen and brought our cakes home, hoping they tasted as good as they looked!

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