Tuesday, 12 April 2016

TY Mini Company Award 2016

Before Easter Niamh Corry, a transition year student, won the overall “Fingal Mini Company” prize. Niamh told us about her project and the experience.

How did you come up with the idea for the business?
I have a massive binder at home full of notes from the Junior Cert and every time I had a test I had to drag this binder out which I hated doing so when I found out I would be doing Mini Company I immediately thought of that binder and how I could make easier for students.

What was your business about?
My company which is called 'Skim it Quick' is an educational playing and revision card company.
I custom designed these cards in a range of subjects and topics. The topics and subjects were compressed into shorter versions of the curriculum.

Who was your target audience?
I aimed the cards originally for Junior Cert students but I realised on 'Market Day', the business fair in school, that a lot of Leaving Cert students were also interested so I extended my market.

What were the prizes that you won?
I won a large trophy and a trip to Barcelona which I'm very excited about!

On behalf of the school, TY Blog would like to congratulate Niamh on her fantastic win.

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