Wednesday, 13 April 2016

History Trip

On the 10th of March, students from the transition year history classes went on a trip to the Michael Collins Barracks, Asgard Museum, Arbour Hill and Glasnevin Cemetery.

The students explored the '1916' museum within the Collins Barracks and were deeply interested by the facts and objects from the rebellion. Students were able to use interactive computers to look up interviews with survivors for the 1916 and see the surrender letters between Pearse and General Lowe.

Next, the students visited the Asgard Museum where the restored Asgard, the boat used in the Howth gun-running, is situated. There, students saw the restored boat and some artefacts related to it such as uniforms, materials and the guns they were transporting.

After the Asgard, students visited Arbour Hill where the seven signatories of the Proclamation and other leaders were laid to rest. It was a very peaceful and inspiring place to visit. 

In the afternoon we visited Glasnevin Cemetery. It was a guided tour and we learned many interesting facts about the Irish Greats and about burials in the cemetery as well as the guarding of the cemetery when it was founded.

We were all delighted to be a part if this trip and the TY Blog would like to thank Mr.Cox and Ms.Buckley for the opportunity.

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