Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect TY Module Poject

It’s the middle of October and project deadlines are coming close. As modules come to an end,         teachers expect to see the best of what you have learned through a project. By now, your projects are due soon and if you haven't started yet, don't panic! This is now your bible for the perfect project.

1. Timing
Take a 15 minute power nap before starting your project, this will give your brain a chance to refresh. Work quickly yet efficiently. Try to organise your time effectively so that you don’t have to do five projects in one week. Aim to work for an hour a day but feel free to work longer or shorter depending on how long to meet your deadline.

2. Quality
Teachers always check if the project is of good standard. If you're doing a scrapbook, make sure your gluing is clean and your project is pleasing to the eye. If you use PowerPoint, feel free to make your project interactive and engaging. Use pictures, videos, colour coded fonts and other visuals to capture the essence of your project.

3. Information
Make sure your information is clear to read, factual and relevant to your project. Use can use YouTube videos for a slide or two when presenting a PowerPoint. Don't use the copy/paste button! You should use your own words to understand your topic more. The teacher will also know that your copying and pasting information by the wording so don't risk losing marks! 

4. Presentation
This is probably a nervous aspect of the project for some people. If you're a nervous speaker, take deep breaths before presenting and count to three and imagine the room is empty. Speak clearly and ask if the class has any questions at the end. Try giving your best answer to each question. Perhaps the night before you could look over your project and imagine any questions that the class might ask during your presentation. This will further show off your knowledge of the topic and impress your teacher. Try to avoid any mishaps like stuttering by taking a pause when you run out of words to say. 

Here is a link to a helpful site (Prezi) that allows you to create and save your presentations online for free:

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