Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My TY Musical Experience 2015

Singin' in the Rain Slideshow

Cast and Crew 'Selfie' Video

Dance Chorus

Kelly, Laura and I were part of the dancing chorus. We danced in, "Beautiful Girls", "Broadway Melody" and "Singing in the Rain". Dedication, practice and teamwork was required in the making of these dances. We all had a great time creating and performing these numbers.The costume and make up was a fun aspect of our experience and performing on stage was something we had never experienced before. From stressful rehearsal to showtime performance, participating in the dance chorus has been spectacular. It was a great bonding experience for the year as a whole and we will never forget that it was the highlight of our Transition Year.

By: Lubna and Kelly

Costume, Make-Up and Hair Department

During the TY Musical I was member of the Costume, Make-Up and Hair Department.We took care of all the costumes for each character, chorus and scene. We rented out a beautiful Victorian dress for the "Dualing Cavalier" scene.We stitched fringe onto dresses, we made handbags and made so many other essential costume pieces. Each person was either assigned a lead character a certain scene from the play. I was assigned the "Dream of You" chorus scene.On the night we had to ensure that each person was in full costume and that they had their hair and make up complete. 
The entire experience of the musical was wonderful. The atmosphere in the week running up to the show was electric. Everyone was excited. I developed new skills in needlework, organisation and communication. I really enjoyed making new friends and working with new people from my year. It was truly an experience I will never forget. 

By: Rebecca

Cast Members

In September 2014, I began auditioning for a leading role in the transition year musical 2015 "Singing in the rain”. All the girls who were auditioning were put through their paces in a series of singing, dancing and drama auditions in order to claim their leading role.
In the beginning of December the show was cast. I was given the part of Cosmo Brown, it fair to say to say I was absolute thrilled. All along Cosmo Browne had definitely been one of my favourite characters in Singing in the rain and could not believe that I had been given the opportunity to play this comical, dandy, all singing, all dancing lead. From the moment the show was cast there was never a dull moment of a Thursday morning. Everyone began learning songs and really trying to get to know their character. The excitement in the hall on a Thursday morning was immense. At times I felt I was back in the 1920's Hollywood!
As opening night was getting closer and closer.  We then began are all day rehearsals and that's when the really work began. It was time to start learning the endless pages of lines and choreography. Even though it was hard, I loved every minute of rehearsals. I personally got so close with my fellow leads and I think that's what I miss the most about the musical. We had such fun in rehearsals and most of all before the nights of the musical.After two weeks of rehearsals and all day Saturday rehearsals it was time to face the public! I was so nervous on opening night but I think I was excited more than anything. The question that played on everyone’s  mind was would our hard work pay off?...... And indeed it did!
The reaction from the public over the course of the four nights were amazing. I don’t think anything can top the feeling  I got when I walked out by myself to take my final bow. I was devastated to say that the amazing rollercoaster that the musical was was over. It was a feeling of poor joy and also of pride.  I  was so proud to say that our year had achieved such an amazing thing , to such a high standard.  By far the musical has been one of my main achievements and highlights throughout Transition Year and most certainly it will be forgotten!
By: Orla

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